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(ACT 36/1947)

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For animal use only - For full prescribing information refer to the package insert approved by The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Norcal 40 MP website.png

Norcal 40 M.P.

Available in 400 ml


Calcium borogluconate 40 % m/v + Magnesium hypophosphit 5% m/v

Reg. No.: G2868

Reg. No.: V01/19.3/283 (Namibia)

Norcal LV website.png

Norcal LV 100

Available in 100 ml


Calcium 4.2 % m/v, magnesium 0,78 % m/v, boric acid 7,34 % m/v and phosphorus 0,132 % m/v

Reg. No.: G2887

Reg. No.: V01/19.3/281 (Namibia)

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