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Baclofen 10 website.png

Bio Baclofen

Available in 30's

Baclofen 10 mg

S4 Reg. No.: W/2.10/433

Bio Citalopram 20 website.png

Bio Citalopram 20

Available in 30's

Citalopram 20 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 42/1.2/1010

Baclofen 25 website.png

Baclofen 25 Biotech
Available in 30's

Baclofen 25 mg

S4 Reg. No.: W/2.10/237

Fluoxetine Biotech 20 website.png

Fluoxetine Biotech 20Available in 30's and  100's

Fluoxetine 20 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 30/1.2/0356

Bio Citalopram 10 Website.png

Bio Citalopram 10
Available in 30's

Citalopram 10 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 42/1.2/1010

Methylphenidate website.png

Methylphenidate 10 Biotech
Available in 30's

Methylphenidate hydrochloride 10 mg

S6 Reg. No.: 49/1.2/1000

Gabapentin 100 website.png

Biotech Gabapentin 100 mg

Available in 100's

Gabapentin 100 mg

S3 Reg. No.: 43/2.5/0332

Gabapentin 300 website.png

Biotech Gabapentin 300 mg

Available in 100's

Gabapentin 300 mg

S3 Reg. No.: 43/2.5/0329

Gabapentin 400 website.png

Biotech Gabapentin 400 mg

Available in 100's

Gabapentin 400 mg

S3 Reg. No.: 43/2.5/0333

Bio Sulpiride website.png

Bio-Sulpiride 200
Available in 50's

Sulpiride 200 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 30/2.6.5/0511

Bio Zopiclone website.png

Bio Zopiclone 7,5

Available in 30's

Zopiclone 7,5 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 42/2.2/0537

Quetiapine 200 website.png

Quetiapine Biotech 200Available in 60's

Quetiapine 200 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 45/2.6.5/0214

Biotech Trazodone 50 website.png

Biotech Trazodone 50

Available in 100's

Trazodone Hydrochloride 50 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 43/1.2/0698

Quetiapine 25 website.png

Quetiapine Biotech 25Available in 100's

Quetiapine 25 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 45/2.6.5/0212

Quetiapine 300 website.png

Quetiapine Biotech 300Available in 60's

Quetiapine 300 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 45/2.6.5/0215

Biotech Trazodone 100 website.png

Biotech Trazodone 100

Available in 100's

Trazodone Hydrochloride 100 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 43/1.2/0699

Quetiapine 100 website.png

Quetiapine Biotech 100Available in 100's

Quetiapine 100 mg

S5 Reg. No.: 45/2.6.5/0213

Rocuronium website.png

Rocuronium 50 IV BiotechAvailable in 10's

Rocuronium Bromide 50 mg

S4 Reg. No.: 44/17.1/0188

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